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Xavier Cortada

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Xavier Cortada, “The Markers,” (South Pole) 2007.
Presented by NSF.

Xavier Cortada, “Life Wall,” (Drenthe, The Netherlands), 2009

IMAGE: EW-360ecoactions-BNP.jpeg 53K
Xavier Cortada’s “Endangered World: Biscayne National Park Installation,” (Homestead, FL) 2010

Xavier Cortada, “Reclamation Project (installation at Verge Art Fair),” (Miami Beach, FL) 2009
Curated by Amy Lipton.

Xavier Cortada,”Genetic Markers: Ancestral Journeys across the Asian Continent / Haplogroup R, Varanasi,” (Val David, Quebec) 2009.

Xavier Cortada, “Bloom,” (Kaohsiung, Taiwan) 2011

Bloom in Taiwan (video in Chinese).


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